Sentry Ultra Pro Earbuds Review | USA 2021

This Sentry Ultra Pro review aims to compare Sentry’s top-of-the-line earbud headphones against some of the top-of-the-range noise-cancelling models from Sennheiser, Philips and other well-known manufacturers. A Sentry pro series can cost up to three times as much as a similar model from a competing brand, so you should be sure you’re getting your money’s worth. I have two Sentry models; one with a cable, the other without.

The cable model with the power cable splits to left and right earpieces, but you can’t simply disconnect the cable like you can with some other models. There is also no microphone, but that’s about the only way you can enjoy the amazing surround sound performance of Sentry’s earbuds.

sentry ultra pro earbuds review

Sentry’s top-of-the-range noise-cancelling earbuds are extremely impressive. They offer a real and impressively large amount of sound pressure, which is pleasing if you’re listening to music or feel like you need more bass. However, another aspect of these earbuds is that they can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Sentry’s earbuds have large buttons, which makes it easy to turn them on or off, switch over to mobile phone headsets and answer calls. The big drawback of the Sentry pro series is that they are bulky, and the wire may become visible under your clothing if you wear something with a small neck hole.

A Sentry pro series model with a microphone is the one with the best sound quality and comfort. They are small, fit nicely around your ears and look stylish. They do have the Sentry “rooms” feature, where you can place different environments in to enhance the sound quality of your music or phone call.

If you work in an environment where ambient sounds affect the quality of your work, this is a fantastic option to have. For example, say you’re working at home or at a coffee shop and you need some ambient sounds to make your work more enjoyable. In order to use this feature, you simply need to press a button and place wherever you want to use it.

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The Sentry pro series earbuds are also waterproof, which is great for working outside. You can enjoy your music or phone call without having to worry about your earbuds getting ruined. However, this feature isn’t available with all Sentry products. For example, you won’t find it with the Sentry Ultra series, and you might not even find this feature with the Sentry Low series of earbuds.

Also, keep in mind that these earbuds are only available on the Pro Series. Sentry calls it a mid-tier product and they aren’t the cheapest on the market. However, they offer good value for the money, especially compared to other similar products that cost much more. They also have some unique features that sets them apart from most other products on the market.

Hopefully this Sentry Ultra Pro Earbuds review has given you some good information about what this amazing product can do for you. If you want to experience what I’ve described above, buy yourself a pair of Sentry earbuds and start listening to music and talk on the phone without having to worry about your earbuds getting destroyed. It’s easy to use and easy to set up. Just make sure that you place them well, in the right places, and that they fit well into your ears. You’ll be glad that you did.

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