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layla headphones review

This Layla Headphones review will concentrate on my experiences with the Layla headphones. I have been an avid fan of Headphones since I was a teenager. I always believed that the best audio devices were those that could make me feel like I was part of the action while listening to music. To be honest, I have tried a lot of different audio products that made me feel that way but nothing could compare to the crisp and clear sound produced by these headphones.

My friend had given me two pairs of Layla headphones a few months ago, at the time of this review I have yet to receive any. I decided to use them for a week in order to get a true feel for the quality of the headphones. What I found was that they are pretty comfortable to wear. They also produced a very pleasant sound, which I am sure all audiophiles would appreciate.

The first thing that I noticed about the Layla Headphones is the fact that they produce a very deep and powerful sound. It may take some time for you to adjust to but once you have it, you will understand just how fantastic these headphones are. In my opinion, you won’t hear anything else, which is what I found so impressive about these headphones.

I shall now move on to some of the negatives that I have experienced with the Layla headphones. The first issue that I have seen as a downside is the fact that these headphones can take some time to adjust to. This is because of the way the ear cups lay on your ear. To tell you the truth, it took me a week before I got used to them and I found that I could no longer enjoy music at its best without them. To be honest I do not think that you could call these headphones bad but it is something that I thought that I should let others know before going on with my review.

Moving onto my Layla headphones review, I would have to say that they are well built and comfortable. There are not many people who complain about a good pair of headphones. I really enjoyed using the Layla’s comfort and ease in use. I would recommend the Layla Headphones to anyone who has medium-sized or large ears. If you have smaller ears then I wouldn’t recommend these headphones because they wouldn’t provide a very deep and powerful sound.

The last thing that I want to talk about is how customer service was in relation to the product that I bought. The company ship the headphones quickly and were able to answer any questions or concerns that I had about the headphones immediately. They also provided me with tons of free options such as free trials and after sales support. It is hard to find better customer service from an online company than this.

FRENDS Layla Bundle – Women’s Headphones – Two Cap Styles – On-Ear – Wired 3.5mm – Rose Gold/White Fibonacci on White

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B078TKDHMB&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=priyankapande 20&language=en US

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Brand Frends
Color Rosegold, White
Connectivity Technology Wired
Form Factor On Ear
Headphones Jack 3.5 millimeters

About this item

  • Hand-Crafted Metals – Stain resistant Lambs Leather Headband & Protein Leather Ear Cushions
  • Wired On-Ear Headphone – 3 Button Mic Remote, designed for Apple Devices, Control your Calls and Music!
  • 30mm Dynamic Moving Coil for Premium Sound – Thick Memory Foam Ear Cushions for Long Term Comfort
  • Comes with Faux Leather Pouch for easy and safe carrying and travelling
  • FRENDS with Benefits – Comes with additional FWB Caps – Keep your outfit matched!

For those who have refined audio taste and you’re on the lookout for balanced, more detailed sound quality, then these on-ears will not suit you at all. Continue online shopping.
The attractively designed Layla headphones have some substantial performance flaws.

The headset market has obtained a very sartorial twist in the last few decades, and Frends is well ahead of the audience in that regard. Rose-gold ear plates and glossy white rings? Yes, please. Well done, Frends. A solution to generate everybody else look much better!
Absolute beauties, but they do not work for their price
Man, what a looker!
Feast your eyes, avoid your ears
As with most cans nowadays, a three-button mic/remote is present to help you take control and calls beats. To continue to keep your hardware looking perfect, Frends does include a convenient white bear case, so make sure you use it. Testing was perhaps not with no high points.

Headphones often find it challenging to sustain equal loudness in the right and left speakers, but the Layla balances volume very well. Distortion isn’t much of a concern either–only very proficient ears can hear errors while inside the bass range.

High pitched noise pollution shouldn’t bother you either because of effective noise blocking; therefore, if you’re stuck in a minivan with chattering allies, the Layla has you covered, lowering that sound by as much as nearly 1/16 its initial loudness. The Layla from Frends doesn’t mess up on the planning front–these are some of the best-looking on-ears in town.

Nevertheless, the sound quality isn’t as gold as the glossy ear discs. Unlike many popular consumer cans, the Layla doesn’t burst bass, an undeniable fact that audiophiles would rejoice inside were it not to the operation that follows.

Sound remains in this apartment, even manner entirely into the mid century –so far, so great! But then the Layla drops the ballHigh mids (which include upper notes on vocals, percussion, strings, strings, and pianos) definitely plummet in volume! To boil it down, the center range will sound twice as loudly as the top mids.

Hearing opera on those matters just isn’t fun (true, said activity is never fun to get some; however, you take my drift). Instead of telling you precisely what we consider a couple of headphones, we let our statistics do the talking.

Layla’s data is anything but impressive: The frequency response shows substantial underemphasis in crucial portions of the range, which lessens essential musical information.

Despite being the sweetest gal on the block, the Layla simply doesn’t meet its $119 price. If you really care about excellent sound quality, then stick to the prowl for something better.

If looks are not everything to you, you ought to keep hunting: The Layla underemphasizes noteworthy swaths of the midrange, which muddles essential details in your own music. Unfortunately, the level of comfort isn’t so impressive.

Folks with sensitive ears won’t be keen on falling $119 for OnEars. The plan applies steady stress into the outside ear, causing significant aching with prolonged usage. For several buyers, $119 is no small sum.

The fantastic sound quality is not there, though. These cans rob listeners of proper emphasis throughout the upper midrange, inducing music to lose pretty details like top notes on vocals, strings, and even much more.

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